A surprising amount of work goes into developing one’s own website, and I couldn’t have built it without the help of other people. These people have built incredible things: Libraries, frameworks, design systems, often open source. I am immensely grateful to them.

People and websites

Josh W. Comeau’s site

Josh W. Comeau is a Canadian web developer who is dedicated to teaching people how to use React and other technologies. I was inspired by his way of presenting posts and the interactive content that features in it.

Maxime Heckel’s site

Maxime Heckel is a French developer. I was inspired by his website for his design system and the way he presents his posts.

Frameworks and libraries


An open source project developed by Facebook’s teams since 2013.

Next.js and Vercel

Next.js is an open source React framework built by Vercel. My website is built with Next.js. Vercel is a software company developing frameworks such as Next.js which also provides hosting services. My website is hosted at Vercel.


WPGraphQL is an open source WordPress plugin that provides a GraphQL API for integrating with WordPress.


Sandpack is an open source tool that provides in-browser, Javascript-based coding playgrounds. I use these playground in the posts I write.


Blotter.js is a Three.js-based Javascript API for making text effects.

Three.js and React Three Fiber

Three.js is an open-source javascript library that allows for creating web-based 3D graphics. React Three Fiber is an open source library that allows for interacting with Three.js using react components, developed by Poimandres. I use it for any 3D content on this site.

Framer Motion

Framer Motion is an open-sourced React-based library for creating animations on the web. It was developed by Framer. I use it for some transitions/animations on this site.

React Icons

React Icons is a framework which groups many open-source icon libraries, such as Feather Icons and Font Awesome. It’s optimized to only include used icons in the project, and I use this library for most of the icons on this site.

React JSX Parser

React JSX Parser is an open-source library developed by Troy Alford which allows for parsing of JSX in string format. I use it to convert text fetched from my CMS into posts


Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (SASS) is a CSS extension language which allows for implementing features such as functions and variables which are then compiled to CSS at build time.


match-sorter is a library developed by Kent C. Dodds which allows for quick searching and ranking of arrays. I use it to implement search functionality in posts.

Other inspiration

At times, I use other people’s work as sources of inspiration. I make sure to credit the original author here, even if the finished work doesn’t completely resemble the original work.


I used Brandur’s site as inspiration for the post header layouts.

Tiago Cortezi

The “Available” pill on the home page is inspired by the one used on his site.

Austin Malerba’s Infinity scroll

I use the infinite scrolling container he created to showcase my creations

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